I am very much looking forward to Saturday 6 May. I will receive opera singer Elisabeth Don’s memorial scholarship. It is a great honor for me. As this is the last time the scholarship will be awarded, we are 5 sopranos who will share it. The other beautiful singers are: my niece, Elsa Dreisig, Sofie Elkjær Jensen, Clara Thomsen and Lise Davidsen. It all takes place at the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music on Saturday 6 May at 3 p.m. The Danish Singing Society organizes it all. http://mobil.detdanskesangselskab.dk/?m=202112

But before that I will to go to Ikast and be a judge in the song competition Unge Sangere. 4 glorious days filled with young people singing together http://www.ungesangere.dk/

On Sunday 23 April, I will sing a family performance: “Søstrene Dreisig” together with my sister, the soprano Inge Dreisig – It takes place in Ballerup, our childhood town, at 3 p.m. Our Gran cousin, Flemming Dreisig, sits at the grand piano. We are really looking forward.